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Board Games at Odum: TTRPG

A guide to help you navigate Odum Library's board game collection and the world of gaming.

TTRPG @ Odum

Please also see the drop down menu on the tab above for information on specific games, including general information, rules of play, and video play-throughs. These games are available for checkout (or will soon be) at Odum Library. Check back for details!

What is a Tabletop RPG?

D&D Documentary

TTRPG Resources

Auto Rolled Tables: To give the DM a helping hand.


D&D Beyond: Free adventures to get you started and advice to help you out


Fantasy Name Generator: In case you need help getting your name just right. 


Dungeon Generator: For when your party needs a quick adventure.


Map Generator: For starting an adventure on the fly.


Monster Generator: Questing beasts on demand.


One Page Dungeon Contest: So many dungeons to delve.


Weapon Generator: Pointy objects with a backstory!


World Map Generator: A whole new world to explore.

Ten Candles: Actual Play

Dread: Actual Play

Cypher System: Actual Play

Getting Started w/ D&D

What is D&D?


D&D Basic Rules: An abbreviated guide to D&D



Kotaku: How To Get Into Dungeons & Dragons

by Cecilia D'Anastasio 


Polygon: A Beginner’s Guide to playing Dungeons and Dragons

by Emily Heller 


Popular Mechanics: So You Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons…

by William Herkewitz

D&D: Actual Play

Safety Tools


Mature or controversial elements can and should be a part of many RPGs. But how do you know what topics to include or leave out of your games? How do you include potentially difficult elements while ensuring that nobody’s game night is ruined? Consent in Gaming gives you the strategies you need to make sure everyone at the table has a great experience, even when the game goes in a challenging direction.

Free Games

Extrordinary Adventures of Baron Muchausen