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Board Games at Odum: Our Last Best Hope

A guide to help you navigate Odum Library's board game collection and the world of gaming.


By Magpie GamesOur Last Best Hope is tabletop roleplaying game where you and your friends will play through a classic disaster movie, like Sunshine, Deep Impact, The Core, or Armageddon, where your characters are the stars. Each game is unique, as your group confronts a new Crisis with a new set of characters and a new plan to save the Earth. While playing Our Last Best Hope, you might: Launch into space to stop a meteor from destroying all life on Earth. Drill to the center of the Earth to restart its molten core. Navigate zombie filled cities to stop a nuclear holocaust. Regardless of the Crisis, you, and your crew, are our last best hope. Our Last Best Hope does not require a GM, nor is there any prep-time required before the game starts. Inspired by roleplaying classics like Fiasco and Polaris, Our Last Best Hope is designed to be played as a one-shot epic game that will leave your gaming group with incredible stories.


Science Fiction


Core rules (min needed to play)



How to Play