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Board Games at Odum: Cthulhu Gloom

A guide to help you navigate Odum Library's board game collection and the world of gaming.

Cthulhu Gloom


The stars are right, and terrors from beyond space and time are breaking through...When Cthulhu rises, we're all doomed...but whose downfall will be the most entertaining? In Cthulhu Gloom you control the fate of your Lovecraftian protagonists, guiding them down a path of horror and madness to an untimely death. Meanwhile, you'll play positive cards on your opponents to keep them happy, healthy, and annoyingly alive. the transparent cards reveal or obscure the effects of cards below, and the totals showing through determine your score. When one group finally falls prey to the interdimensional doom that awaits us all, whoever has suffered the most terrifying tale wins.


2 - 5 players


60 minutes


Fantasy, card game


Hand management, storytelling, take that

How to Play