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Persistent Links/Permalinks: Films On Demand

How to create a stable link from library resources

Permalinks in Films on Demand

Finding the Permalink in Films on Demand


If you have located an item in Films on Demand that you want to share: 


1. Click on Share under the video. 


2. Copy the Record URL generated in the "Share To" window. 

  • Films On Demand generates a proxied permalink so this link is ready to share without any additional steps


Step 1


Click on Share under the video


Step 2


Copy link generated in the Share window

Depending on the length of a video, segments may already exist. For shorter videos or to create a custom segment, you will need to create a Films on Demand account. 


Once you create an account, you can use the segment option underneath the video to customize and create a segment:

  • Start time 
  • End time 
  • Thumbnail 
  • Title 
  • Description


Custom Segment options - you can set the start time, end time, provide a preview thumbnail, title, and a description.


Standard or Custom Segments Permalinks


1. Search for your video topic.

  • If you are logged into your Films on Demand account, you will see any previously created custom Segments as well as standard Segments generated by Films on Demand.


2. Select Share under the relevant result.


3. In the “Share To” pop up menu, click on Link Tab.


4. Copy the link generated under Segment URL.

  • Films On Demand  generates a proxied permalink so this link is ready to share without any additional steps



Step 1 

Segment results from search




Step 2

Click on Share under the Segment that you would like to generate a permalink for



Step 3 and Step 4 

In the Share To pop up menu select the link tab and copy the Segment URL



Custom Segments Permalinks 


1. Click on your account profile in the top right corner. 


2. Click on My Content

  • Any Custom Segments will appear on this page.


3. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Embed/Link.


4. Copy the link generated in the Segment URL field.



Step 1 


Select My Content from the Account in top right



Step 2


My Content will display any custom clips already created


Step 3 


Click Actions for the segment and select Embed/Link