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Persistent Links/Permalinks: Ebook Central

How to create a stable link from library resources

Permalinks in Ebook Central

If you have located an item in ProQuest Ebook Central that you want to share: 


1. Click on Share Link to Book on the left hand side of the page. 


2. Copy the URL that appears in the Share this book window. 

  • This is the permalink generated by the database. 


ProQuest Ebook Central platform - Share This Book window with URL within it. This would be the permalink.

Creating a Proxied Permalink from Ebook Central


If you want Valdosta State University students, staff, or faculty to access this link no matter if they are on campus or off campus, you will need to create a proxied permalink. 


1. Add the proxy prefix (in orange) to your Ebook Central generated permalink or use the OpenAthens Link Generator


  • If using the OpenAthens Link Generator, paste your Ebook Central generated permalink  ( ) into the Target link field.