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Persistent Links/Permalinks: DOI

How to create a stable link from library resources


  • A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier 


  • Many publishers assign DOIs to their articles.  


  • Can be a good way to create a persistent link to a journal article. 
    • One reason that it is often included in APA references. 



Example of a DOI




Earlier in this guide, we explored what parts need to be present to create a proxied permalink. 

Creating a Proxied Permalink from a DOI


If you want Valdosta State University students, staff, or faculty to access this link no matter if they are on campus or off campus, you will need to create a proxied permalink. 


1. Obtain the version of your doi that contains http: or https: 


Using the example in the first tab, this version of the DOI looks like:

  • I obtained this DOI by doing a Google search with 10.1007/s10734-014-9775-4.  You can also just add in front of the shortened DOI. 


2. Add the proxy prefix (in orange) to your DOI or use the OpenAthens Link Generator

  • If using the OpenAthens Link Generator, paste your DOI ( into the Target link field. 


Make sure that you're able to access the journal article or book chapter before assigning it as a course reading.