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How to create a stable link from library resources


What is a Permalink? 


A permalink or a persistent link is a stable URL that should not break or change. 


Benefits of Permalinks



  • Saves time for you, your students, or colleagues. 



  • More reliable - A permalink is a stable link that should not break or change. 
    • The link in the address bar of a website can change - breaking your link. 
    • When using Odum Library databases, the link in the address bar is generated from that specific search  and will expire soon after. 



  • Most databases will have the ability to create a permalink. 
    • Explore the tabs on the top of this page to see how to create the permalink in specific databases and library resources. 


  • Can be used in BlazeVIEW, web sites, reading lists, and e-mails. 


Drawbacks of Permalinks



  • Not all database generated permalinks are created equal.
    • To ensure that VSU students, faculty, and staff can access a specific full-text article from a library database or electronic journal from anywhere (on campus or off campus), you may need to add a proxy to the database generated permalink. 
      • Good news! This guide  will explain how to find the permalink in various databases and any additional steps. Explore the tabs at the top of the page for resource-specific information. 




Components of a Proxied Link


When creating a reliable link that VSU students, staff, and faculty can access from anywhere (on campus or off campus), there needs to be two components:


  • The proxy prefix indicated in orange below. 


  • The target URL indicated in green below. 



Proxy Prefix 


The proxy prefix will always remain the same:



Target URL


The target URL will change depending on the item (article, ebook, etc.) that you want to link to. 


A document URL is provided, the parts are highlighted. is highlighted in orange and labeled as the proxy prefix. is highlighted in green and labeled as the Target URL






JSTOR provides a Stable URL. This Stable URL is your target URL and a component of your permalink. Notice that this Stable URL does not include the proxy prefix.  


  • To make this Stable URL (Target URL) from JSTOR, a reliable link to embed in BlazeVIEW or an e-mail, we will need to add the proxy prefix. 


The proxied permalink will look like this:


  • If VSU faculty, staff, or students access the link from off campus, they will be asked to log in through Anywhere Access. If Valdosta State University has access to the article, this ensures that students will be able to access From Knots to Narratives without being asked to pay money to read it. 



Result from JSTOR, there is an arrow pointing to the Stable URL, this is the permalink.


Permalinks can be quite long. You can shorten them by using a service that shortens the URL.


URL Shortening Web Services



If you need assistance locating an appropriate resource that Valdosta State University has access to: 


Contact the Reference Department


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