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Using the Library: Quiet Zones

When in a Quiet Zone...

Odum Library is a hub on campus, great for studying and socializing. As such, we have different areas to accommodate both of these activities. 


To ensure that Odum Library is a welcoming place for all, please consider these actions:

  • Lowering ringtone volume or setting phone to vibrate 

  • Listening to music via headphones or earbuds 

  • Using your cell phone to take calls without enabling speakerphone  


When in a Quiet Zone, please consider these additional actions: 

  • Moving to a non-Quiet Zone to take calls or have extensive in-person conversations

  • Speaking in quiet tones when brief conversation is required


We strive to make Odum Library a welcoming environment for all. Contact us at the Circulation Desks, Reference Desks or via Live Chat to report excessive noise. 

Thank you!

First floor quiet zones. The area closest to the New Media Center is a quiet zone from 2am-7am.

Quiet Zones - First Floor of Odum Library

Map of the second floor with 2633 labeled as a quiet zone.

Quiet Zones - Second Floor of Odum Library

Map of the third floor with quiet zones labeled (3250 and perimeter of north side )

Quiet Zones - Third Floor of Odum Library

Locations of Quiet Zone

Quiet Zones - First Floor


North Side

  • Seating and space near Books A-D

  • Seating and space near Bound Journals


South Side

  • Quiet Zone from 2am to 7am


Quiet Zones - Second Floor 


North Side

  • Room 2633 


Quiet Zones - Third Floor 


North Side 

  • Seating and space near Books F- J 

  • Seating and space near Books P-PQ 

  • Seating and Space near Books Q-Z


South Side 

  • Room 3250