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Using the Library: Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Professors can place books and articles on Course Reserves.


Physical (print) reserves are held at the Reserve desk located on the second floor of the library next to the Circulation Desk. Print reserves can usually be checked out for short periods of time.


Online reserves require a password. Your professor will give you the password.

Course Reserves Terminology


Refers to the author of the item on Reserve.  


Course Name 

Refers to the class for which the item is on Reserve. 

Example: MLIS 7000


Course Instructor 

Refers to the instructor of the class who has put the items(s) on Reserve.  


Course ID 

Refers to the course ID of the class. 

Example:  7000-604


Course Department

Refers to the discipline/major of the items on Reserve. 

Example: Master Library Science, English 


Reserve Desk

Refers to the desk on the first floor of the library, the Main Circulation Desk, where you can pick up physical items held on Reserve. 


Course Reserves



1. Go to the library's home page.

2. Scroll down and look for the box on the right labeled Collections.

Library home page with an arrow pointing to Course Reserves in the Box Collections


3. Click on Course Reserves. 

4. You can also access Course Reserves directly from the GIL-Find catalog.  In the simple search box, you can switch from GIL-Find to Course Reserves. Click on the tab Course Reserves so that it is highlighted in gray. 


Example of Simple Search in Course Reserves:

Course Reserves Basic Search


Example of Advanced Search in Course Reserves: 

Course Reserves Advanced Search screen



  • You can use a Simple Search or an Advanced Search in Course Reserves. We recommend the Advanced Search because it allows you to search more specifically for a Course name or instructor. 

Course Reserves Advanced Search with drop down menu with the choices of in the title, as author/creator, in subject, Course Name, Course Instructor, Course ID, Course Department


  • On the Advanced Search, use the drop-down menu to select how you want to refine your search and enter those terms in the next search field. 

Course Reserves Advanced Search with Course name selected from drop-down menu and MLIS 7300 entered in search field


5. Click Go.

6. The search results will list the available items on reserve.

Reserve Desk

If the item has a status of "Available at Odum Library Reserve Desk - 1st Floor - Odum Library", then the item will be available for a limited checkout at the Reserve Desk. The Reserve Desk can be located on the first floor of Odum Library in the south side atrium. 


Result in Course Reserves search showing that the item is available at Reserves Desk



Online Access

If the course reserve item is available online, you will see the phrase, "Online Access".


Result in Course Reserves search showing that the item is available online.

1. Click on the title or Online Access to go to the item record.

2. Look for the View Online section. 

3. Click view full text.

4. Enter the password supplied by your professor and the PDF will open.


Accessing Course Reserves GIF 

To access course reserves, use the Advanced Search in the Books and Journals Tab. Select Course Reserves. You can search for the item or even by your course title.