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Research Appointments: Home

What is a research appointment?

Depending on demand, a librarian at the Reference Desk may be helping several students at once. Research appointments provide dedicated time for librarians to assist you! 


Common Research Appointment Activities 


Librarians can assist with:


  • Constructing searches 
  • Brainstorming keywords 
  • Locating relevant articles
  • Accessing articles 



Librarians can answer questions about: 


  • Library services 
  • Citations 
  • Plagiarism 
  • Research and writing process 



Research appointments are not intended as a time to proofread papers or citations.


Research appointments are not a substitute for the research required for a paper or project. 

Need Immediate Assistance?

We're always happy to help our students at our Reference Desk or through Live Chat

What are the benefits of a research appointment?

Librarian meets with two students during a research appointment


  • Focused time with a librarian

    • Appointments typically take place in the librarian's office or in a conference room.
    • Appointments are also available online with web conferencing software.
    • Less distractions - the librarian is focused solely on you and your questions. 


  • Time-saving

    • Librarians have time to prepare and learn more about your topic.
    • Find those relevant articles, books, or database searches faster! 
    • You can schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you. 


  • Flexibility

    • Research appointments are available seven days a week! 


How can I make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment with a librarian, use our research appointment form. 


For convenience, there is also a link to the form through our Live Chat, which can be found on the main library page. 

What are my appointment options?

When completing the research appointment form, you will have the choice of preferred appointment format. 


In Person at Odum Library 


  • Most helpful if visiting Odum Library is convenient. 
  • Ability to see librarian's screen. 
  • Ease of conversation and sharing of materials. 


Online (e.g. BlackBoard Collaborate, Skype or other)


  • Most helpful if visiting Odum Library is not convenient. 
  • Ability to see librarian's screen. 
  • Requires link to session unless using Live Chat. 
    • May require software installation. 
  • Option to communicate via computer microphones (if applicable). 




  • Ease of conversation. 
  • Can be convenient if distance and technology availability are a factor. 
  • Inability to see librarian's screen. 
  • Delay in sharing materials or links. 

What happens next?

Once you submit your form, your research appointment request will be sent to all of the librarians. 


  • You should be contacted within one business day.
  • Communicate with the librarian to confirm appointment date, time, and location. 
    • If you have not received communication about your requested appointment, please contact us by stopping by the Reference Services Desk or through Live Chat