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Using the Library: Printing

Printing at Odum

Printing in General:


  • The majority of Odum Library's printers are located on the first and second floors.


  •  These printers can also copy and create scans of documents that can be sent through e-mail. 


  • When you print your document, you will be able to choose which printer to print from:  VSU Follow-Me B&W or VSU Follow-Me Color.





  • For single-sided printing, it costs $0.05 per page to print in black and white and $0.25 per page to print in color. 




Color Printers


  • There are two color printers located on the first floor:


Internet Cafe


  • There are two printers in the Internet Cafe. The color printer is on the right. 


 New Media Center



Black and White Printers


  • ​​Black and white printers are located on the first and second floors. Please refer to Printer Locations below to locate a printer suitable for your needs. 

Printing from a personal or mobile device: 


To print from a personal device, you have two options. 


1. E-mail


Using your VSU e-mail account: 


1. Attach the document that you wish to print.


2. Select your recipient: or 


3. Once you send your e-mail, you will receive a notification via your VSU e-mail that your job is ready to be printed. 


2. Website 


1. Visit


2Sign in with your BlazeView username and password. 


3. Upload your document. 


Printer Locations

Color printers are available in the New Media Center and Internet Cafe. Black and white printers are available on the second floor in the open computer lab and by 2633 and on the first floor in the internet cafe.