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HIST 4950

History Seminar - Ancient History in Film. Dr. Byrd

How to Use This Page

There are useful primary sources located and sorted by topic/movie in the boxes below. While some are online, others will be found in books that you can get at VSU, at another library using GIL-Express, or through Inter-Library Loan.  These are useful sources, but the best way to get into them and to understand which parts of these writings to approach is to use your secondary sources and their bibliographies.  You probably won’t want to read all of Plutarch’s or Julius Caesar’s writings. 


Reminder:  Some primary sources might provide abundant information and others will provide only fragments.  


See also - Finding Primary Sources page for general websites that may be helpful as well. 

Recommended Primary Sources by Movie/Topic

Roman Britain/Sarmatians Early Medieval Sources


Welsh Sources


Samaritan/Samaritan Sources





See also the Wikipedia page for Clothing in Ancient Rome. Make sure to look at the References and Cited Sources pages. 


Images from tomb and temple walls are also primary sources, so look for books on Egyptian funerary art. 



The Egyptian Book of the Dead

This is a primary source that tells about the afterlife and you will need a lot of secondary sources works on Egyptian religion to understand and contextualize it.


Use what works best for you from the versions listed below:





Also look at works by:

  • Cicero
  • Virgil
  • Horace
  • Ovid



Ancient Egypt and Religion


  • Take a look at the Wikipedia page Ancient Egyptian Religion paying attention to the References, Bibliography, Further Readings, and External Links
  • Look up information for Pharaoh Akhenaten
  • He made major changes in the Egyptian religious practices by switching worship from many gods to the one god - the Sun God Aten
  • Early monotheism
  • For Egyptian papyri writings, you will probably be able to find plenty in secondary sources 


Any Greek myths, and Greek tragedies that connect to the story are also part of Primary sources. 

  • Homer
  • Greek Tragedies such as Agamemnon
  • Greek Mythology 



Look at:

  • Heinrich Schiemann
  • Micahel Wood
  • Information on the archeology of:
    • Mycenae
    • The late Bronze Age