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HIST 4950

History Seminar - Ancient History in Film. Dr. Byrd

Link to Google Books

How to Use Google Books

1. Start by entering your keywords into the search bar and searching for a book. 

2. Click on the title you are interested in.

3. The preview of the book will immediately open if it is available. Some books are available in full-text through Google Books and others have limited pages/chapters. You can exit the preview by selecting the x button in the preview itself. 

Image of a book preview with the X circled in red.


3. From here you can see the details of the book, author, and publisher. 

Detailed record on Google Books for the book Screen Jesus: Portrayals of Christ in Television and film


Information about the publisher and additional books by the same author can be found further down the page. 


Search within the Book 

To search the book for specific keywords, type these into the search bar at the bottom of the book preview. If a preview is not available, you can still search in the book by selecting the "Search inside" button under the title of the book. 

Search for Mary Magdalene inside of the book Screen Jesus


The words in your search will be highlighted in the results.

If the full text of the book is not available, you may not be able to see the whole page for some of your search results.