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HIST 4950

History Seminar - Ancient History in Film. Dr. Byrd


This guide is designed to help you navigate the library and complete your research project by breaking the research process down step-by-step. 


There will be a total of three library sessions.

Day 1: Books

Day 2: Journals

Day 3: Primary Sources


During each session, you will learn a new way to find information about your topic and have time during the session to search for materials of your own. Visit the page of the corresponding day to see what is in store for you during our library session, how the session will be organized, and how it will help you complete your research. You will also find helpful reminders and documents for your course in this guide!


If you have any questions during the sessions, please let me know and I will be happy to answer those! You can also me or a reference librarian should you need anything after the session. Contact info can be found on this page!

About Me!

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Hi! I'm Tera, a Reference Librarian here at Odum Library! I was previously a librarian at Wiregrass Technical College, and before that, an Academic Advisor here at VSU! I also graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science and with my undergraduate degree in History from VSU! My job here is to help make research easier for you! If you need any help or have any questions, by email is 

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