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On Display at Odum 2022: September: Dystopian Fiction and Constitution Day Celebration

Second Floor Display

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Happy Constitution Day!

For a guide to the documents and activities relating to the U.S. Constitution, please see the research guide for Constitution Day. Join us in the Odum Auditorium for events celebrating our Constitution and its interpretations September 19th-22nd this year!

On Display at Odum

Banned Books Week

In the Fall of every year the American Library Association celebrates Banned Books Week to bring awareness to the number of books commonly challenged and the effort to keep information available to the public. This year we are celebrating it September 18th-24th! If you are interested in learning more about banned books and the ALA's virtual events, please head over to Banned Books Week.

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association,

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If any material listed is problematic or you would like to suggest future recommendations and themes please contact Crystal Miller at! They would love feedback, or just to talk about books!