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On Display at Odum 2022: January: Library Staff and Faculty Recommendations

Second Floor Display

Top Recommendations

The Disappearing Spoon

"A fun romp through the periodic table of elements." -Rob

Survival Lessons

"Here acclaimed novelist Alice Hoffman presents a moving, deeply personal, and inspiring account of her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment that shares lessons for living through any kind of challenge." -Emily

Gulp cover art


"Are you curious about the human digestive system? I wasn’t! However, Mary Roach always does a great job of mixing science and human interest. It’s strangely compelling." -Samantha

The Night Circus

“I love the characters in this book and the setting can only be described as ethereal." -Tera

Long Way to a Small Angry Planet cover art

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

“If you love science fiction, but wish the author explored relationships, intercultural communication, and other social justice domains more then I highly recommend anything Becky Chambers has written.” -Crystal

Invisible Women

Recommended by Shelbie

Faculty and Staff Picks

Library Resources

Genre fiction includes many themes such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and other niche genres like western novels. Here are our library employees favorite genre novels.

Memoires are narratives written about the life of the author. Many readers enjoy reading about how famous writers interpreted their lives.


Odum Library has a selection of board and tabletop games for your next game night! These are our library employee's favorites.

Outside Resources

Book reviewers can be found in all the nooks of the internet, not just on websites and podcasts. Here are a selection of three videos from YouTube creators who review books. Maybe they can help you find your next favorite read.

Contact us

If any material listed is problematic or you would like to suggest future recommendations and themes please contact Crystal Miller at! They would love feedback, or just to talk about books!