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Using the Library: Printing

Printing at Odum

Printing from a personal or mobile device: 


To print from a personal device, you have two options. 


1. E-mail


Using your VSU e-mail account: 


1. Attach the document that you wish to print.


2. Select your recipient: or 


3. Once you send your e-mail, you will receive a notification via your VSU e-mail that your job is ready to be printed. 


2. Website 


1. Visit


2Sign in with your BlazeView username and password. 


3. Upload your document. 



Printing in General:


  • The majority of Odum Library's printers are located on the first and second floors.


  •  These printers can also copy and create scans of documents that can be sent through e-mail. 


  • When you print your document, you will be able to choose which printer to print from:  VSU Follow-Me B&W or VSU Follow-Me Color.





  • For single-sided printing, it costs $0.05 per page to print in black and white and $0.25 per page to print in color. 




Color Printers


  • There are two color printers located on the first floor:


Internet Cafe


  • There are two printers in the Internet Cafe. The color printer is on the right. 


 Media Services


  • The Media Center or Media Services is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.



Black and White Printers


  • ​​Black and white printers are located on the first and second floors. Please refer to Printer Locations below to locate a printer suitable for your needs. 


Printer Locations