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Using the Library: Off Campus Access

Off Campus Access

Students, faculty, and staff can access Odum Library's databases and online resources from off-campus. There are several ways to authenticate (sign-in) and get to the databases and online resources. 


If you are using an on-campus computer you will be able to get into the databases and online resources without being asked for a password. If you are asked for an Anywhere Access login, this is the same as your BlazeVIEW username and password. If you are asked for the GALILEO password, you can get it from your MyVSU portal or library GIL account (see below).

Logging in From Off Campus

Students, faculty, and staff can access the library home page and GALILEO through the MyVSU portal. 





  • Click on MYVSU, located in upper left


  • Log in 


  • On the MyVSU page there should be links to "Visit Odum Library" and "GALILEO Anywhere Access"
    • Click on "Visit Odum Library" to go to the library's home page
    • Click on "GALILEO Anywhere Access", log in with your BlazeVIEW username (without and password and then click on the blue GALILEO button. 


MyVSU home page showing GALILEO Anywhere Access and Visit Odum Library on the left side of the page

You can go directly into GALILEO from BlazeVIEW:




  • Look to to the upper right of BlazeVIEW (in the red)


  • Click on Library


  • Click on GALILEO


BlazeVIEW Interface. In the upper right corner, Library is selected and GALILEO is the first in the list.

You can go directly into GALILEO from GoVIEW:




  • Look to to the upper right of GoVIEW (in the blue on the main page, in the grey on a course page)


  • Click on Library


  • Click on GALILEO


Screenshot of GoVIEW login screen. In the top right corner, library has been clicked on.

Students, Faculty, and staff can click on any of the Anywhere Access buttons to log in and access the databases from off campus. Log into Anywhere Access with your BlazeVIEW username and password.


TipIf you click the blue GALILEO button, after you log into Anywhere Access, you can go straight to the GALILEO databases and view articles without having to enter the GALILEO password.

Students, faculty and staff can go directly into GALILEO if they know the GALILEO password.




From off campus:

​1. Search the Discover box on the library home page 

2. Click on the GALILEO link on the library home page, located in the blue Discover box at the bottom of the page

3. GALILEO will ask for the GALILEO password

4. Enter the password


Need the GALILEO Password?



  • Click on the tab that says Galileo Password. 
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