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Resources for Anti-Oppression Education and Work

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The Spoon Theory

Infographic on the Spoon Theory. Details of infographic listed below.

"The Spoon theory is a creative way to explain to healthy friends and family what it's like living with a chronic illness. Dysautonomia patients often have limited energy, represented by spoons. Doing too much in one day can leave you short on spoons the next day. If you only had 12 spoons per day, how would you use them? Take away one spoon if you didn't sleep well last night, forgot to take your meds, or skipped a meal. Take away 4 spoons if you have a cold. Activities that require 1 spoon each: getting out of bed, getting dressed, taking pills, watching TV. Activities that require two spoons each: bathing, styling hair, surfing the internet, reading or studying. Activities that require three spoons each: making and eating a meal, making plans and socializing, light housework, driving somewhere. Activities that require 4 spoons each: going to work/school, going shopping, going to the doctor, exercising. The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserando, which you can check out on her website

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