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Searching Discover

Searching: Advanced Search and Filters


Advanced Search

Advanced search is helpful when you have several unique aspects in a search. By using advanced search, you have multiple search boxes to help organize your search string.


Advanced Search screen with undergraduates in one search bar and "mental health" in the next. Filters are shown below.




To access the advanced search, select the Advanced Search link under the search bar on the main library home page.

Odum Library Homescreen with the advanced search link circled.


The link to advanced search is also found under the search bar within Discover. 

Search of undergraduates AND "mental health" With the advanced search link circled in red.




Filters are found directly under the search bar on the results page.


Search results for undergraduates AND "mental health". Filters under this are shown as buttons and are circled in red.  


Online Full Text


Search bar readings undergraduates AND "mental health". Online full text underneath is highlighted with a red circle.


This will limit your results to items that you can access immediately.


This filter can be helpful if you need articles right away, but it will also take away articles that you may be able to access through Find it @ VSU or  InterLibrary Loan.



Peer Reviewed


search bar with text undergraduates AND "mental health". Under this are filter buttons with the filter Peer Reviewed circled with a  red square.


The peer reviewed filter will limit your results to items that have been peer reviewed. Learn more about peer review in our Evaluating Your Sources guide.


Filter by Date


Search for undergraduates AND "mental health". All time is selected with drop down options included All time, past 12 months, past 5 years, and past 10 years.


To filter results by publication date, select the All time menu and then select the time range that you would like. 


If you need to filter results by a specific date range, go to the Advanced Search page and select Custom Range from the Date Range selection. You will then be able to select the dates you would like to search. 


Source Types


Search in Discover for Undergraduates and Mental Health. Source type under the search bar is expanded showing options such as Academic journals, eBooks, Magazines, Reviews, News, and +9 more.


Filter by the type of resource you want by selecting Source type. Once you have made your selection, click Apply


All Filters


Search bar with undergraduates AND "mental health" searched. All filters is circled below this.


Clicking the All Filters button will open an expanded filter menu on the right of the screen. 


Active filters will display all filters that have been selected and applied to the results. 

Filters displayed in a list with active filters selected as academic journals and peer reviewed