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CHEM 1210 with Dr. Winkelmann: Primary versus Secondary Resources

Introduction to library and career research resources for freshman Chemistry seminar students.

Primary Research Article

What is a primary research article?

A primary research article reports on the original research and findings of the authors. Primary research articles have the following sections:



A brief description of the scholarly article in the form of a title. It should at least give you a general idea about what the article is about. 



A preview of the scholarly article. It should address the purpose, method and results that will be found in the article.



Describes the purpose of the scholarly article. May provide an overview of the field and previous research in the form of a Literature Review. 



Describes how the research and what type of research was conducted. 



Presents the outcome of the research. 



Analyzes the results to determine what potential impact it could have on the scholarly field or community. 



Reiterates points made throughout the article, including potential for further research. 



Works cited throughout the scholarly article by the author. The list should contain all the relevant information needed for you to find the resource for yourself. 

Secondary Research Article

What is a secondary research article?

A secondary research article reviews, summarizes, and discusses topics of interest. The research is not original; rather, the authors look at other existing research articles on the topic. Secondary articles are useful for learning about a topic of interest and gaining a better understanding at the overall scope or limitations of the research on that topic.