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Odum Library has been acquiring e-books from a variety of academic publishers for over ten years.  The e-books reside in several vendor databases.   Since each e-book vendor is different, please visit the specific e-book database guide as listed in the menu for more specific information regarding viewing, printing, copying, and downloading instructions.

Finding E-books

E-books are added to the  GIL-Find@VSU Odum Catalog.    You can find e-books in the GIL-Find@VSU Odum Catalog by selecting Advanced Search and then limiting to the “Electronic Books”  location.  Limiting a GIL-Find Advanced Search by the “Electronic” format will retrieve streaming videos, online government documents,  and other online databases, in addition to e-books.  Because e-books are added to the GIL-Find@VSU Odum Catalog,  e-books  along with print books, and other library items may appear in a GALILEO Discover search result list.  

You can also search in the respective e-book vendors' database.  Database links are provided on the specific e-book database guides as listed in the menu or can be found in the GALILEO Databases A-Z and are listed in “Electronic Collections”.  A note of caution, several of the databases are searchable indexes of  all the e-book titles with accompanying description as marketed by that particular vendor and thus include many more titles than purchased by the library.   The respective e-book database guides provide tips on how to limit searches to library purchased titles for which the full text is available.   E-book titles that aren’t purchased by the library may be obtainable in print format via GIL Express or by placing an InterLibrary Loan ILLiad request.  Use the “Live Chat” button to consult a Reference Librarian for more assistance in finding alternative resources.

Accessing E-books

E-books and the e-book databases are accessible on & off campus.  Off-campus access requires login using your VSU Email username/password or the GALILEO password.  If you have difficulty logging-in, please use the "Live Chat" button to request assistance.   The database vendor may require the creation of a ‘free’account to download e-books or perform other tasks, i.e. saving to a favorites folders or adding notes.

Reading, Downloading, and Printing of E-books

Library e-books may be read online on any computer via a web browser ; no special device like a Kindle is required.   Many e-books  are also compatible for download on  Android®iPad®Kindle Fire®Nook® and other mobile devices.   Due to copyright laws, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and vendor licensing agreements,  accessing library academic e-books is different from buying e-books as an individual.  Printing or copying of academic e-book content is usually limited to a specific  number of pages or chapters.    Some e-books, but not all, are restricted to one reader at a time, similar to a print book use.

If a given e-book is being read by its limit of users, you'll receive a message that the e-book is in use and cannot be accessed until one of the current users is done (that could take minutes or days).  If this is the case, you should be given the option of "placing a hold" on the title in use through your ‘free’ profile account (that you may then need to create) so that you will be notified when the e-book is available. 

While an increasing number of titles are available in electronic format, this does not apply to all  books.  Be aware that many e-book titles are available solely for purchase by individuals as they are sold directly to the student market.  In these instances, the licensing restrictions imposed by the publishers mean that such e-book titles are not available for libraries to purchase for their collections.  Alternatively, usually the print format of the title is available for purchase by a library.   So do check the GIL-Find@VSU Odum Catalog or consider placing a GIL Express or ILLiad request, or use the "Live Chat" button to consult a Reference Librarian. 

Looking for General Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Many public libraries including the South Georgia Regional Library (SGRL) offer popular fiction and non-fiction e-books and audiobooks through a service called OverDrive. For information about getting an SGRL library card and securing the necessary PINES password visit South Georgia Regional Library or check with the public library in your home community.