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Odum Library Puppets: Forest Animals

Images of all puppets available at Odum Library for checkout.


Dutch rabbit puppet

Dutch Rabbit

Call Number:  PUPPET SF453 .D88 2007

The puppet is brown and white plush fabric with brown ears and large brown plastic eyes. It is about 10" high, made of fur fabric, with the distinctive pattern of the Dutch rabbit. The front legs and head can be manipulated (the mouth does not open). 

White bunny puppet

White Bunny

Call Number:  PUPPET TT174.7 .W45 2021

Bunny rabbit hand puppet, about 13" tall, made of white polyester fur with a bit of pink in the ears. Movable head, arms and legs.

brown rabit puppet


Call Number:  PUPPET PN1972 .C68

Puppet is frosted brown fake fur fabric with tan chest and stomach, white tail, velveteen inner ears and nose, and brown-and-black plastic eyes. Tag includes "Facts of interest" and "Rabbit's nose."

brown jackrabbit puppet


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .J33

The puppet represents a Jack Rabbit made of a multi-brown furry body with a blonde tummy, nose, and mouth area, yellow felt inner ears and paw pads with addition pad markings, rose felt mouth, 16 wire whiskers, dark brown fur near the tail with a long furred yellow tail and black and brown plastic eyes. The accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "Rabbit and Coyote" by Madeleine Scott.


Brown squirrel puppet


Call Number: PUPPET QL737.R68 S95 1990z

A brown squirrel puppet. 


Red fox puppet

Red Fox

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .R43
Two copies available

Red/Brown plush fabric, white plush mouth, neck, belly, inner ear, and tip of tail. Movable mouth. Black vinyl nose, brown plastic eyes. Made of polyester fiber and polyurethane foam, 50 cm. from tip of tail to nose and 14 cm. high. The accompanying tag contains facts of interest and "Fox Fools Eagle", adapted from a Siberian folktale.


Dark Brown beaver puppet


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .B43

The Beaver hand puppet has dark brown fur with white hairs, a brown vinyl nose, ears, claws, black eyes, and a shiny black paddle tail. The user can manipulate the head and front feet of the puppet with one hand while "slapping" the tail with the other hand. Accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "Beaver's tail", a folktale of the Shoshoni Indians. 


Brown and white fawn puppet


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .F39

The puppet is golden brown with white spots, and white belly and under tail, black plastic eyes, and a black leather nose and hoofs. The paper tag includes "Facts of interest" and "The fawn's spots."


Brown moose puppet


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .M66

Plush fabric hand puppet representing a moose, about 21 inches long and 20 inches high. Head and mouth can be manipulated. Accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "Moose & Giants", adapted from a Seneca folk tale.

Baby Raccoon

Baby raccoon puppet

Baby Raccoon 

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .R33

Puppet is designed for use also as a stuffed animal. Accompanying hang tag includes facts of interest and "Raccoon and Fox" by Madeleine Scott. 

Timber Wolf

Gray and white wolf puppet

Timber Wolf

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .T56

Puppet has black, white, and gray fake fur with salmon tongue, tan pads on white paws, and yellow and brown eyes. Paper tag includes "Facts of Interest" and "A night With a Wolf" by Bayard Taylor.

Baby Birds in a Nest

Three baby birds in a nest

Baby Birds in a Nest

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .B333

Puppet represents 3 baby birds with open beaks in a nest, about 8" in diameter. The puppeteer can use three fingers to move the baby birds. The puppet consists of three baby birds in a nest. The accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "Wishes." 


Baby Black Bear puppet

Baby Bear Puppet

Call Number:  PUPPET PN1979.E4 B43 1990z

Bear is dark brown with brown and black plastic eyes, black velvet feet, nose and ears. Snout is lighter brown. 23 cm. from top of head to hand opening.

Grizzly bear cub

Grizzly Bear Cub

Call Number:  PUPPET PN1997.E4 G75 1990z

Just old enough for his first outing to the river to try his paw at fishing, this Grizzly Bear Cub puppet is also hungry for love! Velvety soft plush, velveteen paws and a movable mouth are just a few of his notable features! 

Puppet is brown fake fur fabric with a brown leather nose and brown plastic eyes. The paper tag includes "Facts of Interest" and "Why Grizzlies Walk on all Fours."



brown snail puppet


Call Number: PUPPET QL430.4 .S63 1980z

Snail hand puppet with movable mouth and horns and plastic eyes. The neck retracts into the shell. The accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "The Snail's Shell" by Madeleine Scott.


Green and tan toad puppet


Call Number: PUPPET QL668.E227 T6 1990z
Two copies available (One is tan, the other green)

The puppet is tan and green with green and black plastic eyes. The paper tag includes "Facts of Interest" and the story " Why Toads Have Warts." 


Green turtle puppet


Call Number: PUPPET QL666.C5 T87 1980z

The body is green fur fabric, the shell is dark green velveteen on top and light green on the bottom. The mouth is red fabric, eyes black and yellow plastic. The head and front legs can be pulled into the shell.


Green and brown tortoise puppet


Call Number: PUPPET QL666.C584 T67 1995

Tortoise hand puppet with tan and grey-brown patterned fabric shell, green plush fabric body, and black and brown plastic eyes. The accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "Tortoise and the Hare," a Mottenlor folktale.

Brown Bat

Fuzzy brown bat puppet

Brown Bat

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .B76

The puppet represents a bat made of brown fur and brown and copper wings, black leather claws and nose, black felt mouth, brown felt ears, ivory plastic fangs, and brown and black plastic eyes. The attached tag includes facts of interest and the fable "How the Bat Weaseled its Way Out."


Red and orange colored rattlesnake


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .R38

Fabric puppet representing a realistically-colored rattlesnake, about 36 inches long but in a coiled position. The head can be moved and the tail rattles. Rattlesnake stretches to 92 cm. Accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest, safety tips, and "Rattlesnake Chant", from the Yokuts of Central California.


Brown porcupine puppet


Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .P67

Special plush gives this Porcupine puppet the appearance of having quills, but never fear! While she may poke about, she won't poke you! The hand enters from the chest area to animate the front legs and head. Accompanying hang tag contains facts of interest and "The Porcupine's Quills", an Iroquois folktale. 


Brown owl puppet

Great Horned Owl

Call Number: PUPPET PN1972 .O95

The owl has a brown mottled furry fabric body, wings, and tale with a white furry triangle on its chest, a speckled brown and white furry stomach, dark brown furry feet with black vinyl talons, brown vinyl beak, and large yellow eyes. There is a handle inside the puppet to move the head from side to side and a trigger on the handle to make the eyes blink. The paper tag includes "Facts of Interest" and "Owl Eyes" adapted from a Mohawk folktale.

brown and white owl puppet

Barn Owl

Call Number: PUPPET QL696.S85 B37 1990z

Barn owl puppet made of white furlike fabric with brown and white wings, brown feet, tan velveteen beak, and black plastic eyes. The tag includes "Facts of Interest" and the poem "The Owl."

Brown Mouse

Brown mouse

Brown Mouse

Call Number: PUPPET QL737.R6 B76 2007

Hand puppet representing an oversized mouse. The mouth and front legs are workable.