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Odum Library Puppets: Farm Animals

Images of all puppets available at Odum Library for checkout.


White and black sheep


Call Number:  PUPPET PN1972 .S544

Black and cream-colored fabric sheep with glass eyes and a pink tongue can be used as a hand puppet (with the ability to manipulate the upper and lower jaws) or as a stuffed animal. The tag includes facts of interest about sheep and the poem, "Lambs at Play," by Christina Rossetti.

white wooly sheep

Stage Puppet Sheep

Call Number:  PUPPET PN1972 .S54

Puppet represents the head, neck and front legs of a wooly sheep. Designed to be used behind a stage. Mouth and legs are workable.

Ducks & Ducklings

White duck with orange beak and feet puppet


Call Number: PUPPET SF505 .D83

The puppet represents a duck made of white chenille, orange felt bill and webbed feet, white felt underwings and black plastic eyes. Tag includes "Facts of Interest" and "My Little Duck"

Brown and tan duckling

Mallard Duckling

Call Number: PUPPET QL696.A52 M35 1995z

Puppet is light and dark brown with yellow legs, feet, and bill with brown plastic eyes. The paper tag includes " Facts of interest" and "Ducklings."


Llama puppet


Call Number: PUPPET SF401.L6 L36 1990z

Large tan llama with long wooly plush, tall ears, large dark eyes, stubby tail, black vinyl hooves and multi-color Indian woven collar. Hand hole is at the back of the neck. 


Calf puppet


Call Number:  PUPPET SF206 .C35 1999z

Tan, brown, and white plush calf; beige hooves and nose; and brown bead eyes. Tag includes facts of interest about calves and poem, "The Pasture," by Robert Frost.


Goose Puppet


Call Number:  PUPPET SF505 .G66 2000z

White plush goose with orange webbed feet, orange open beak, and black bead eyes. May be used as a hand puppet or a stuffed animal. Includes facts about geese and "Mother Goose and Fox", adapted from a traditional folktale.


brown horse puppet


Call Number: PUPPET SF278.5 .H67 1999

Brown plush horse puppet. Hang tag has facts of interest about horses. Tag also has a poem about horses by William Shakespeare from his play Henry V.

brown and white horse

Palomino Horse

Call Number:  PUPPET SF293.P3 P34 1990z

Beige plush fabric with black plastic eyes, soft brown vinyl nostrils and hooves, pink felt mouth, and a platinum blonde mane and tail. Hand tag has "Facts of Interest" and a poem "Horse" from Henry V by William Shakespeare. 

Cats & Kittens

Ragdoll Cat

Call Number:  PUPPET SF442 .R34 2007

Large, cuddly cat puppet with workable mouth. Legs are not workable as the ragdoll cat typically goes limp when picked up. Hang tag includes "Furry Folk and Folktails."


Call Number: PUPPET SF445.7 .K58 1990z

Made of black and white fur fabric with green and black plastic eyes. Users can manipulate legs and head. Puppet can be used to act out the story of "Kitten and Little Rat" a folk tale from Surinam which appears on the tag.

brown and white tabby cat

Brown Tabby Cat

Call Number: PUPPET SF442.B76 2000z

Brown and gray-striped tabby cat puppet with green and black plastic eyes and white bib and feet. The hang tag includes "Facts of Interest" and a cat rhyme.

Black cat with white hands and nose


Call Number:PUPPET ST449.B55 C38 1990z

The puppet is solid black with a long tail, upright ears, long nylon whiskers, a small black nose, and velcro on the front paw pads.


Pig puppet


Call Number: PUPPET LB1042 .L37 1990z

May be used as a hand puppet or a stuffed animal. Includes the tale, "The Three Little Pigs."


Grey goat puppet


Call Number: PUPPET SF383.G63 1990z

Grey and beige plush goat with vinyl hooves and black tail. Tag gives some facts about goats along with a poem.

Red Hen

Red hen puppet

Red Hen 

Call Number: PUPPET SF487.5 R43 1993

Hen puppet has a reddish-brown fur body, red felt comb, and wattle, yellow felt beak and feet, and plastic eyes. Hang tag includes a brief version of the popular children's story "The Little Red Hen."