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Odum Library Puppets: Home

Images of all puppets available at Odum Library for checkout.

Several images of different puppets with "Odum Library Puppets Finger puppets, stage puppets, and hand puppets available for checkout"

About the Collection

Odum Library has almost 100 different types of puppets that can be used for a variety of purposes! They are perfect for theatre performances, early education classrooms, book talk videos, and so much more! 

Puppets are housed in the Circulation Suite. Visit the first-floor circulation desk to view and check-out the puppets.

How to Use This Guide

The puppets are broken up into groups by type. Select either the human puppet or the animal puppet from the tabs at the top of this page. Animal puppets are broken down further to include a variety of different types of puppets. Puppets are grouped together by type (cats, horses, etc.). You can browse through these using the right and left arrows on the images if there are multiple puppets of that type. 


Once you find the puppet(s) that you are interested in, record their name and call number. Click the link for the corresponding puppet to view their record in the catalog. Puppets are housed in the Circulation Suite. Visit the first-floor circulation desk to get your puppet(s).


Puppets can be checked out for a total of 28 days and are renewable. 

Puppet Types

There are several different types of puppets available at Odum Library 


Finger Puppets

These puppets are small and fit over the finger. All finger puppets are found under the Finger Animal Puppet page in the animal puppet section of this guide. 


Hand Puppets

Most of the puppets available at Odum Library are hand puppets. There is an opening in the puppet (usually at the back or the bottom) that allows the puppeteer to put their hand in to move the puppet. These puppets generally have some moveable part of their body (arms or mouth) that the user can operate with their hand. Some of our hand puppets also have mechanisms that allow you to have their eyes move/blink or have additional wooden rods allowing you to move their arms separately. 


Stage Puppets

While hand puppets usually depict a full-body puppet, stage puppets may only be a head or the top half of a puppet. These are still operated by hand the same way, but because of their design, they are best used behind a stage. Stage Puppets can be found throughout the guide as well as in the Stage Puppets page under the animal section of this guide.