LearningExpress Library: Career Exam Prep


LearningExpress Library provides users with many tools to succeed in their chosen career path.


This section will cover LearningExpress Library's resources for career and certification exams, including practice exams and eBooks. Learn how to find the practice exams you need and how to use the helpful features found in LearningExpress. 

VSU Departments and Resources

Career Opportunities & Volunteer Services

Offers mock interview services, resume development, and career assessments.

Student Union, 2nd floor
Room 2218


Office of Testing

Administers several types of exams including professional exams such as the AAB. Exams are only given by appointment which can be scheduled online. 

University Center (Entrance #5)
Room 4167


Odum Library

Odum has several study guides and test prep books in the collection! You can search for them in Gil-Find or ask a librarian!

Chat with a Librarian


Career Practice Exams

Many careers require passing scores on professional exams before granting certification in that career. The Career Preparation section of LearningExpress has test prep for the following professions and disciplines:


  • Allied Health and Social Work
  • Civil Service
  • Commercial Drivers
  • Cosmetology
  • Hospitality
  • Emergency Medical Services and Firefighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Nursing
  • Real Estate
  • Teaching
  • ... and more


Each practice exam is designed to mimic the real exam as closely as possible in the number and type of questions, the time allowed, and the scoring system.

How to Use

1. On the home page, select the Career Preparation tile and then the area that you are interested in. For this example, we will look at the Allied Health and Social Worker Exams.

Home page of LearningExpress Library with tiles. Career Preparation is expanded with links under it.


2.  On the next page, the exams and preparation methods will be displayed. NOTE: If you do not see the list of practice exams and preparation methods, you will need to scroll down until they appear.


Select the resource you would like to use to prepare for the exam. Resources may include eBooks, flashcards, tutorials, practice questions, or practice exams.


3. For practice exams, you will have the option to start the practice test online or print the exam. If you choose to print, the answer key will be included at the end of the test. 


Taking the practice exam online allows you to choose from three different methods:

  • Simulation: This practice exam is timed as it would be in the actual exam. The test will stop after the time is up.
  • Practice: For this practice exam, you can see the timer, but can choose to continue taking the test once the time is up. You will also be able to see the explanation behind the answers once you are finished with the exam. 
  • Learner: After selecting your choice for each question, you are immediately provided with the correct answer and an explanation.


4. Clicking Start Test takes you to the instructions for the online practice exam. The instructions will provide additional information about how the actual test is structured and timed. 


5. Select your test method and then click Start Test to begin. 

Exam in LearningExpress. Questions listed. Arrows point to flags beside the questions, to a notepad button, and to the Finish Later button. The Score my Test button is circled.




  • NotepadClicking the notepad feature allows you to take notes during the test. You can review these notes at any time while taking the exams. After the exam is over, notes are stored in your dashboard for later viewing.
  • Finish Later: To save your progress and stop the timer, use the Finish Later button and select Save. All tests will be stored in your dashboard for your convenience. 
  • Flag: Clicking the flag icon next to a question allows you to mark the question to review later. 
  • Jump to a Question: This section allows you to easily navigate to the questions that you haven't answered and those you have flagged using the flag icon. Questions that have been answered have a checkmark, while those that do not are empty boxes.