LearningExpress Library: Education

Explore Careers in Education

You can learn more about the education field by selecting "Teaching" from the links listed under the Career Preparation tile. 


The eBooks here include information about how to become a teacher as well as information about navigating the hiring process and becoming more employable in the field. 

VSU Departments and Resources

Career Opportunities & Volunteer Services

Offers mock interview services, resume development, and career assessments.

Student Union, 2nd floor
Room 2218

Odum Library

Odum has several GACE study guides and test prep books in the collection! You can search for them in Gil-Find or ask a librarian!

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GACE Test Preparation

LearningExpress Library contains practice exams for the following GACE Program Admission exams:


  • Mathematics (211)
  • Reading (210)
  • Writing (212)


Each section has two practice exams modeled after the official test regarding question amount, type, and total test time.


These exams are in the Career Preparation section under the "Prepare for Teaching Exams" link.


For more information on taking practice exams for career preparation, see the section in this guide titled "Jobs & Career Exam Prep". 


Educator Resources

Tiles of Grades 4-8 Educator Resources and High School Students

Grades 4-8 Educator Resources

This section contains resources for Elementary and Middle School subjects. Find practice questions, videos, microlessons, tutorials, and eBooks for elementary and middle school math, elementary and middle school English Language Arts, and middle school social studies. 


High School Students

While this tile is aimed at High School Students, educators can use the resources in their classroom for mathematics, English Language Arts, science, social studies, technology, and logic and reasoning. 


Resources include practice questions, tutorials, eBooks, and videos.