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MKTG3050 Dr. Futrell: Situation Analysis

This guide collects resources available from Odum Library and freely available online that will be useful for developing your marketing plans.

Databases, Discover and GALILEO

A database organizes information so that it is easy to search and find relevant information. 


Searching a database is more efficient and effective than searching the open web.


  • The library subscribes to (pays for) databases that include the full text of articles and books. This means you can find full-text articles in a database that you cannot access through a web search.
  • Databases only include selected resources. This means you don't have to wade through advertisements and irrelevant results, like you would see in a web search.
  • The articles, books, etc. in a database are organized by several kinds of information. This means that you can do a very specific search and only get back relevant results.

Find a Database Relevant to Your Research Topic


By Subject

1. Go to the library's home page.

2. Click on Research Guides

3. Click on the Select Subject drop box to see a list of available guides

4. Click on the Subject Guide that most closely matches your research topic, or field of study

5. Each Subject Guide lists relevant databases. Select a database to begin searching for articles.


Unsure which Subject Guide to use? Not sure which database to start with? Ask a librarian! 



By Course

A great resource that librarians put together for specific classes. Course specific guides can be found on this page. Click on Course Guides to see the complete list.



By Topic 

Topic Guides can be seen on this page. Click on Topic Guide to see the complete list.


Don't see the topic guide you need? Ask a librarian! We can help you find the relevant guide or create a new one. 



Discover searches GALILEO for books, articles, media, and other resources. Discover searches many databases at once.

Searching Discover is a good option if you are just starting your research or your topic is multidisciplinary. 



To search in Discover:

1. Go to the library home page.

2. Type your search terms or keywords into the Discover search box.

3. Click on Find.

Discover - Advanced Search


To search using Advanced Search:

1. Go to the library home page.

2. Click on Advanced Search, under the Discover search box

3. Enter your search terms or keywords into the search boxes.

4. Select limiters, if you want to.

5. Click on Find.


GALILEO is a statewide, online library portal that provides participating schools with access to over 100 databases that contain scholarly journal articles and academic videos. Students, faculty, and staff of Valdosta State University have access to these databases free of charge. Most of the databases within GALILEO provide access to full text scholarly journal articles that would otherwise be unavailable for free. You may search multiple databases within GALILEO at the same time or you may focus your search within one specific database in GALILEO. 



Bento is a version of GALILEO that displays the same information as the classic GALILEO search but in a different format. See the video below for more information on navigating the Bento search in GALILEO. 


Higher Education News Sources

Other Local News Sources

Odum Library databases for finding articles and industry information

NAICS codes:  

  • NAICS 511110, Newspaper Publishers
  • NAICS 519110, News Syndicates
  • NAICS 519130, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

Books and Other Sources