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Communication Arts Research for Graduate Students: Writing workshop

Fall 2021 MAIC Writing Workshop

Understanding the structure and organization of a research paper

  • As you read through academic and scholarly articles, look at how the articles were assembled.
  • The typical parts of a research paper may include
    • Introduction
    • Review of Literature
    • Theoretical background
    • Methodology
    • Data
    • Conclusion 
    • Further discussion
  • Not all articles have these components, and may include other elements, or may be organized differently. For example, an article that looks at the timeline of a certain theme, such as gendered depictions of cooking in television, may frame the article around artifacts instead of strictly data collection.
  • Qualitative research usually takes a different format than quantitative research.
  • APA subject headings are a useful writing tool to help organize the material in your research, and with a little work, can be deciphered. Here's more advice