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On Display at Odum 2021: October: Fall Reads

Second Floor Display


Expand you library experience through GIL Express! When the book you want is checked out or has not been ordered yet, then give our other libraries a chance to shine by requesting to check out their copy.

Outside resources

Practical Magic and Garden Spells are two books in this guide considered magical realism. If those books really interest you, these videos might give you some ideas where to look for more.

Urban fantasy is another common genre that talks about the paranormal and monsters. These books tend to include romance and common tropes like strong female protagonists. If you liked Dead Witch Walking or the Mercy Thompson books this genre might be for you.

GIL Express

If you're looking for a resource not available at Odum Library, you can use GIL Express to borrow books from any of the University System of Georgia (USG) Libraries.

Add to Odum

If you love a piece of media and think we need it in the collection you can let us know by filling out our request form!

Banned Books Week

In the Fall of every year the American Library Association celebrates Banned Books Week to bring awareness to the number of books commonly challenged and the effort to keep information available to the public. If you are interested in learning more about this or would like to see last year's ban list, please head over to Banned Books Week

This month's games