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Copyright and Fair Use: Creating Reliable Links for BlazeVIEW


This page will guide you through the steps to create reliable links in BlazeVIEW. Refer to the other tabs in this research guide to learn how to find and create persistent links from EBSCO, Ebook Central, Gale, JSTOR, ProQuest, and other databases. 

Adding Links in BlazeVIEW

The Benefits of Linking Materials


  • Safely complies with copyright laws, license agreements, and accessibility 
  • Provides direct access to online book chapters, journal articles, and streaming videos assigned as course materials. 





If you have questions on how to create persistent links, please contact the Reference Department or Jessica Lee ( 

When You Need a Permalink


When you want to share materials with your class that are made available by Odum Library/Valdosta State once you log in through Anywhere Access. Articles that are open access, or available on the open Internet, do not need a proxied permalink. 



  • Sharing newspaper or journal articles, book chapters, or streaming available available in EBSCO, JSTOR, ProQuest or other databases. 
  • Sharing online book chapters or e-books available in Gale, Ebook Central, and other databases. 


When You Need a Course Reserve


When you want to share other materials not provided through Odum Library/Valdosta State. 



  • Book chapters from personal collection.
  • Video clips not available through Odum Library 


To create reliable links to library resources in BlazeVIEW, you will need to have the permalink. There can be some variation as to where the permalink is located depending on the database. The tabs at the top of this guide list the various database sources and how you can find the permalink. 


Does Your Permalink Have a Proxy String? 


If the link generated by the database is already proxied (EBSCO, ProQuest, etc.) or the library resource already begins with

you can proceed to Step Two - Adding to BlazeVIEW (the next tab in this box). 


If the generated link is not from EBSCO/ProQuest and does not start with  you will need to add it. 


Adding the Proxy String


To manually add the proxy string, paste the copy/paste the stable URL from the database into the address bar.  

  • It can be helpful to do this in a new tab or new browser window. 
  • Copy  and paste it before the stable URL from the database. 
  • Copy the contents of the address bar. This is your proxied permalink! 
  • You can now use this permalink in BlazeVIEW. 


Alternatively, use the OpenAthens Link Generator

  • Paste your stable URL from the database into the Target link field. 

Now that you have a permalink, you can easily link to Odum Library resources in your BlazeVIEW reading lists, discussion posts, and more.


General BlazeVIEW Permalink Information


 Do not use the Quick Links function. Using the Quick Links function will break your permalink. Once your permalink is broken by Quick Links, you will need to acquire your permalink from the database again. 


Adding Links in BlazeVIEW (Brightspace by D2L) Content Area


1. In the content section of BlazeVIEW D2L, select Upload/Create.

2. From the Upload/Create drop-down menu, select Create a Link. 

3. Fill in the Title and URL information. This URL needs to be the permalink that you created. 

4, Select Open as External Resource. This option must be selected to open the link properly. 

5. Your permalink to the library resource will be added to the Content section. 

  • It might be a good idea to switch to View as Student to ensure that the link was populated correctly. 



Step 1 and 2

Step 1 and 2 - BlazeView in content area, select Upload/Create and select Create a Link from down down menu.




Step 3 and 4

Step 3 and Four - Fill in title and URL. Select Open as External Resource



Step 5

Step 5 Permalink is added to the context section

Adding Links in BlazeVIEW (Brightspace by D2L) Assignments/Discussion Area or Text Fields 


1. When it is time to enter your permalink in the text field, click on Insert Stuff. 

2. In the new Insert Stuff window, select Insert Link. 

3. Enter your permalink in the URL box. Click Next. 

4. Add the text that you would like to appear in the text field. If you add no text, it will default to the link itself. Click on Insert. 

5. You have successfully added a permalink in your BlazeVIEW text field. 


Step 1

In the text field option in BlazeVIEW (Brightspace by D2L), click on Insert Stuff.


Step 2


Insert stuff menu, to insert the permalink click on Insert Link 


Step 3 


Insert permalink into the URL field


Step 4


Add the text that you would like to be clicked on to access the link. If you do not add text, it will default to the link itself.


Step 5


Successfullylink and text in the text field.