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Copyright and Fair Use: Interlibrary Loan and Copyright

ILL and Copyright


Can I place items requested via ILL on Course Reserves or in BlazeVIEW?

Articles or chapters requested via ILL may be placed on Course Reserve if they meet the standards for Fair Use. Please do not post content retrieved through ILL in BlazeVIEW.
A book or other physical item requested through ILL *may* be allowed to be placed on reserve; however, this must be done with the prior knowledge and permission of the lending library. Lenders do not typically allow this. Please contact with questions.

What about scans from items the library owns?


You may request scans of sections from print materials via ILLiad. If you request a scan of an article or chapter from a print journal or book that the library owns, you may share those items in BlazeVIEW or place them on electronic reserve. Please limit requests for scans of physical items to one or two articles per issue or chapters per book. Any more than that, and you may want the item to be placed on physical reserves, instead.


Can I request a scan of a book?

We can usually obtain a scan of a chapter or two from a book. Duplicating any more than that would likely violate copyright law.
If you need more than 2 chapters of a book, please place a request to borrow the entire book. You may also request a scan of a chapter or two while you're waiting for the book to arrive.

How many articles can I request?

ILL does not place limits on the number of items you can request; however, please note the following:
  • When two or more articles are requested from the same issue of a journal, the library is required to pay a copyright compliance fee on the 2nd (and any additional) articles.
  • When five or more articles are requested from the same journal title, from the last 5 years, the library is required to pay a copyright compliance fee on the 6th (and any additional) articles.
We do not typically pass those fees along to the user; however, in extreme cases, we may try to employ cost saving measures, such as requesting a loan of an entire issue.

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