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Nursing Research Starter Kit: Off Campus Access

Accessing Online Library Resources

Students, faculty, and staff can access Odum Library's databases and online resources on and off-campus. There are several ways to authenticate (sign-in) and get to the databases and online resources. 


On and off-campus,  you will be prompted to log in with your MyVSU username and password. 


With the switch to OpenAthens, the GALILEO password is no longer required.

Logging in to Library Resources Off-Campus

Students, faculty, and staff can access the library home page through the MyVSU portal. 




1. Go to Valdosta State's home page,

2. Click on MyVSU, located in upper left

3. Log in 

4. On the MyVSU page there should be a link to "Visit Odum Library"

5. Click on "Visit Odum Library" to go to the library's home page


Screenshot of the MyVSU homescreen



No Visit Odum Library Tile? 


1. In the Portals section of MyVSU, click on View All. 

2. Scroll down and select GALILEO from the list. 


Step 1

In the Portals section of My VSU click on View All



Step 2

Step two scroll down the list and select Galileo from the list

You can go directly into GALILEO or the library homepage from BlazeVIEW:




1. Look to the upper right of BlazeVIEW (in the red)

2. Click on Library

3. Click on GALILEO or Odum Library Homepage


Screenshot of Blazeview Homepage



You can go directly into GALILEO from GoVIEW:




1. Look to the upper right of GoVIEW (in the blue on the main page, in the gray on a course page)

2. Click on Library

3. Click on GALILEO


Screenshot of GoVIEW login screen. In the top right corner, library has been clicked on.



Valdosta GALILEO


To access Valdosta’s GALILEO, you will need to log in via OpenAthens



  • More articles and resources than GoVIEW GALILEO
  • Ability to access permalinks sent by librarians



We have found that logging in through GoVIEW often overrides any later attempts to log in through OpenAthens.

If you are going to switch between GoVIEW and Valdosta’s GALILEO:

  • Access GoView in your browser’s incognito or private browsing mode
  • Clear your cookies and cache and restart your browser after using GoVIEW