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Online College for Career Advancement Research Guide

Keep It Organized

One of the most important things you will do is develop a way to organize and track your research. Here are few tips we have found work well for us:

  • Keep track of what databases you have searched and the keywords and limiters you used
    • You can use a Word doc, Google doc, or print your search history
    • To copy a search url, click Share (located at the top of the Search results) and copy the Permalink
    • To view or print your Search History, click on Search History (located under the search boxes). Click Search History a second time to close it. You can also rerun an earlier search from the same session by clicking on View Results.
    • Once you close the browser window, your Search History will be cleared. Save any permalinks or Search History before you close the window.
  • Save the articles you find in a couple of locations
    • In your email, on a stick drive, etc.
  • Use the tools in the databases
    • Most databases allow you to create a free account and save search results (articles)
    • Permalinks allow you to always return to an article page
    • Email the article to yourself
  • Use a free citation manager tool, such as Zotero