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Education Research for Graduate Students: Result Options

Search Result Order, Page Options, and Sharing

Result Order


You can edit the order your results are displayed. Most databases will default to Relevance. 


Other options include: 

  • Date Newest
  • Date Oldest 
  • Source 
  • Author


Search for "academic achievement" at the top of the results section, you can click on the button that defaults to Relevance and select other options.





Page Options 


Use Page Options to select display preferences. 



On search results screen, selecting Page Options will give you result display options. You can select your preferred results per page, record detail, and page layout.








Click Share to see options for sharing the results of your search. This is where you can click to generate a permalink to the results page, which can be handy if you need to return to a certain search later. 



On search results page, you have option to share results by clicking on Share button. Gives option to export to other platforms, add results to an EBSCO folder,  set up an RSS feed, and a permalink for the search results.