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This guide contains information on Open Educational Resources and offers resources to help Valdosta State University's faculty and staff select free/inexpensive, open educational resources.

Affordable Learning Georgia

Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) is an initiative of the University System of Georgia (USG) to support the success of its students by encouraging the use of affordable course materials. Once you are at the Affordable Learning Georgia website click on Find textbooks to search for open textbooks for your classes.


You can also learn about open textbooks that are being used by the college and universities in the University System of Georgia. For example, the University Press of North Georgia has published the book entitled History in the Making: A History of the People of the United States of America to 1877.




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What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources or OER's "are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse, without charge. That means they have been authored or created by an individual or organization that chooses to retain few, if any, ownership rights. For some of these resources, that means you can download the resource and share it with colleagues and students. For others, it may be that you can download a resource, edit it in some way, and then re-post it as a remixed work. OER's often have a Creative Commons or GNU license that state specifically how the material may be used, reused, adapted, and shared." OER Commons (2014).



5 R's by David Wiley

5 R's by David Wiley

" – Retain – the right to make, own, and control copies of the content
  – Reuse – the right to use the content in a wide range of ways (e.g., in a class, in a study group, on a website, in a video)
  – Revise – the right to adapt, adjust, modify, or alter the content itself (e.g., translate the content into another language)
  – Remix – the right to combine the original or revised content with other open content to create something new (e.g., incorporate     the content into a mashup)
  – Redistribute – the right to share copies of the original content, your revisions, or your remixes with others (e.g., give a copy of the content to a friend)"

This material was created by David Wiley and published freely under a Creative Commons Attribution license at:


OER Adoption Impact Explorer

Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource

This video was produced by OER IPR Support and is on Youtube.

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This Libguide has been copied with the permission of James Tyler, at Meriam Library, CSU, Chico. It has been modified to meet the needs of the faculty and staff at Valdosta State University.