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Educational and Psychological Tests and Measures: Finding Test Reviews


The following sources contain descriptions, critical reviews and references for thousands of tests. These sources do not contain the actual tests; however, test publishers' contact information is available in each source. In addition, sample questions are often included in the articles referenced in the reviews.

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Buros Center for Testing

The Buros site is a publicly available site that provides citations to test reviews in the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY). For example, a search for anxiety scale pulls up citations of dozens of tests, displayed in order of relevance. Each citation tells you which volume of the MMY contains the actual review of the test. Once you have the MMY citation you can get the review from the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print database or from the print edition of the MMY available at the reference desk.

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)

The Mental Measurements Yearbook Database includes the full text content from the 9th edition to the current MMY edition. It also includes Tests in Print (TIP), produced by the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements at the University of Nebraska.

The MMY, and TIP, do not include the actual tests. They provide reviews of published tests.

This multi-volume set of books contains descriptions, critical reviews and references for hundreds of tests. Each entry includes the test's intended population, forms and prices, test author, reliability, validity, norming data, and much more.   Each entry also includes the name of the test publisher, and a Publishers Directory is located in the back of each MMY volume.   When using the print volumes, use the MMY Comprehensive Index to find out which MMY volume includes your test or search the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print database to find the test citation and full text content online (the database has all the same content as the print).

Tests in Print VII

Tests in Print (TiP) is a bibliography of commercially-available tests with references to critical reviews. The TiP includes publisher information for each test and provides a Publishers Directory and Index.

The TiP is different from the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY). The TiP provides bibliographic information on almost every test that is currently commercially available. The MMY provides critical reviews of tests, as well as description information. TiP does not include research or proprietary tests.

The TiP indexes the MMY. If the test is reviewed in the MMY, the TiP entry will include a Cross References with the MMY volume number and test number. For example, 7:642 refers to test 642 in The Seventh Mental Measurements Yearbook.


Two Ways to Search Tests in Print

  1. You can search the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print for a specific test. This database includes all the content from the most current Test in Print edition.
  2. You can look for the test in the print edition of Tests in Print (TiP). Tests are arranged alphabetically by name. There are several indexes in TiP that can you can use if you are unsure which test you are looking for. Once you find the test in TiP you will have the bibliographic information for the test. If you also need a test review you can look at the Cross References in the TiP entry. The Cross References will include a citation for all MMY reviews, in the volume:number format (ex. 7:256). Once you have the Cross References information you can get the review from the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print or from the print edition available at the reference desk.

Test Critiques

This set of books contains detailed critiques describing the practical applications and technical aspects of tests. Each entry includes information on authors, purpose of test, scoring, reliability and validity, and opinions from experts regarding the technical adequacy of the test.  Use the Index of Test Titles, which appears in the back of Volume X (10), to see if a test has been reviewed and in which volume the review appears.  The publisher is listed under the title of each test, and an Index of Test Publishers is located at the back of each volume.

ETS Test Collection

Click on the Search Test Link Database link and then type in the test name you are searching for.



The ETS Test Collection is an extensive descriptive catalog of approximately 17, 400 tests and other measurement devices. Publisher information is provided.   Some tests can be ordered directly from ETS. For more information, see How to Order.

Health and Psychological Instruments (HaPI)

The HaPI database features journals articles with information about unpublished tests, measurements, intstruments, and checklists used in the health fields, psychosocial sciences, organizational behavior, and library and information science.