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VSU Counseling Center Navigator Support Line - 24/7 emergency support

(833) 910-3365

Georgia Crisis and Access Line


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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Text HOME to 741741

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Visit the VSU Wellness Hub for tips on healthy habits to help you be your best self. 

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VSU Counseling Center

VSU Student Health Center

The VSU Counseling Center, located on the second floor of Farber Health Center, focuses on short-term, solution-focused therapy and helps connect students to community resources for intensive needs. The Counseling Center acts a holistic resource, empowering individuals for success in all pursuits.

Tips for Managing Stress

Everyone experiences stress, but what can you do when you feel overwhelmed? The National Institute of Mental Health has several tips on managing stress. 


  • Be observant: Recognize your body's response to stress. Are you having trouble sleeping, feeling irritable or fatigued, using increased amount of alcohol and other substances? These are all common stress responses. 


  • Try to relax: Explore different activities designed to decrease stress and support mindfulness, like those featured on the Relaxation Station tab of this guide. 


  • Set reasonable goals: Decide what tasks need your immediate attention, and what can wait for later. Learning when to say "no" when you're feeling overwhelmed is a valuable skill. 


  • Stay connected: Remember that you are not alone. Reaching out to others for emotional support will benefit you and those around you. 


  • Devote time to your hobbies: You don't have to tackle all of your tasks in one day. It's important to set aside time for activities outside of school and work, and spend time doing what brings you joy. 


  • Practice self care: Remember to eat, hydrate, and rest. Grab a simple snack like an apple even if you can't fix a full meal. Your body will thank you. 


  • Recognize when you need more help: Don't be afraid to reach out to a professional. The VSU Counseling Center is a good place to start if you feel like your stress may be something more.