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PubMed Guide: Citation Searching

This guide includes tutorials for searching PubMed and finding the full text of articles.

What is a citation?

A citation describes a source and provides information about it in a standard format. Citations are located in the bibliography, works cited, or references of an article, book, chapter, encyclopedia article, etc. Citations enable the reader to identify and find any sources listed.

Citations also give credit to other authors for their ideas, rather than making it look like the author of the work was the original source for an idea.

Generally, citations tell you the title of the work, who wrote it, the date it was published, where it was published, and who published it.

How do I search for a citation in PubMed?

Here is a quick tutorial on findings articles from a citation.

PubMed: Find articles from a citation

How do I decipher a PubMed citation?

Diagram breaking down parts of PubMed citation, highlighting the title of journal  - Laryngoscope, date of publication - 2014 Sep 3, digital object identifier or DOI - 10.1002/lary 24916, title of the article - Economic evaluation of endoscopic sinus surgery versus continued medical therapy for refractory chronic rhinosinusities, and the authors - Rudmik, L, Soler, ZM, Mace, JC, Schlosser, RJ  and Smith TL.