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What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a free online search engine that allows you to search for scholarly print and electronic materials. Google Scholar can also be used to search for the materials that Valdosta State University subscribes to. The library pays for access to these articles so you don’t have to!  

How will I know if I can access to the articles and books I find?

If you access Google Scholar on VSU’s campus, you will automatically see “Full Text @ VSU” links next to articles. This means that we subscribe to those articles. If you are off campus, please see below.

Accessing Google Scholar from Off Campus

If you are off campus and do not see any of the “Full Text @ VSU” links, you can add VSU as a library in the settings by completing the following steps:

1.       Go to Google Scholar.

2.       Click on “Settings” in the upper middle of the screen

3.       Click on “Library Links” on the left hand side

4.       Search for “Valdosta State University” and click on “Valdosta State University Odum Library – Full Text  @ VSU”

5.       Click save.


See below for more information on how to use Google Scholar: