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Using Ulrich's to Check Peer Review Status

You can search in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (Ulrichsweb) to see if the article is Refereed (Peer Reviewed).


  • Go to Ulrich's
  • Enter the title of the journal into the search box
    • Do not search for the article title. If you are unsure which title is the journal title, ask a librarian
  • Click the magnifying glass icon
  • Look in the search results for the correct journal title 
    • Some journals have very similar names; librarians can help you find the correct journal.
  • If the journal is peer-reviewed, there will be a black and white icon next to the title
    • You can click on the journal title to see more information. Look for the Refereed under the Basic Description. If it says Refereed and Yes, then the journal is peer-reviewed.


Screenshot from Ulrich's. A red circle surrounds a referee shirt with a line and text that says This title is refereed (peer reviewed). There is a second red circle around a corresponding blank space with the words This title is not refereed (peer reviewed)



  • Ulrich's uses the word Refereed.
    • Refereed is the same as peer-reviewed. 
  • When a journal is peer-reviewed, it means that most of the articles published in it are peer-reviewed. Other content, such as editorials, letter to the editor, and responses to previously published articles, is not peer-reviewed.

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