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ENGL 1102 IA: Narrowing Your Results

Advanced Search

Scroll down this page for more information on Boolean operators.

The Advanced Search feature allows you to combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT. In addition, you can filter your search using the tools on the left under Limit To. You can limit to full text, scholarly (peer reviewed articles), etc.

Boolean Operators

Table demonstrating examples of using AND, OR, and NOT in Venn Diagram format.  The first example is for AND - And combines two or more concepts, narrows your search and retrieves fewer results. Example Belize AND government. The second example is for OR.  Or retrieves items in which at least one of the search terms is present. Used to incorporate synonyms into research. It also retrieves more results. Example is Belize OR Government. The last Boolean Operator is Not. It is used to exclude a term and it retrieves fewer results. Example: Belize NOT Central America