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You Deserve a Break - Wellness Days 2021: Home

TV Shows

Friends: The Complete Series

Friends: The Complete Series

PN1992.77.F75 F75 2006

The Office Season 1 Cover Art

The Office: Season 1

 PN1992.8.C66 O388 2005  

True Blood Season 1 cover art

True Blood: Season 1

PN1992.77 .T78 Season 1

Arrested Development Season 1 Cover Art

Arrested Development Season 1

PN1992.77 .A785 2009  

Sex and the City cover art

Sex and the City

PN1992.77.S465 S48 2005  


How to find movies at Odum Library


  • Visit the third floor and browse PN1995-PN1997 



Film Databases

Giveaway You Deserve a Break Popcorn, candy, and blanket images representative of prize pack.

Odum Library will be giving away five prize packs during the Spring Semester corresponding with Wellness Days. Follow us on Instagram for more details. 

Crafting & Games

Rectangular medium blue banner with three beige boxes hanging on strings. The first beige box contains a sepia and white ball of yarn. There are two knitting needles in the yarn. The second box contains a sepia and white toned pair of fabric shears. The third box contains a sepia and white toned button. The button has thread crossed through the middle four holes. A pin is sticking through the thread in the middle of the button at a 45 degree angle.

Crafting Circle at Odum

This guide provides resources for various handcrafts.

Circular image with a blue band around the outside. Inside the blue band are the words

Board Games at Odum

A guide to help you navigate Odum Library's board game collection and the world of gaming.

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