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Anti-Oppression: Home

This libguide provides resources to combat oppression.


This guide provides resources to those who wish to learn about and combat oppression of various kinds in our society. This is not a comprehensive guide.

Anti-oppression work does not happen alone. This guide would not be possible without Amanda Broyles, Danielle Costello, and Crystal Miller.  

If there are resources you would like to recommend for the guide or if there are resources that are problematic, please contact Robert Griggs (


What is Anti-Oppression?

"Anti-Oppression is a commitment to dismantle systematic violence inflicted on marginalized communities, often benefiting the powerful. This violence may be emotional, economic, physical, environmental, psychological, or generational."

From PAGE Anti-Oppression Guide.

PAGE 5 Principles of Anti-Oppression

Principle 1: Recognize your position in society.

Principle 2: Learn about oppressed peoples and unlearn oppressive values that the dominant culture has taught you.

Principle 3: Practice solidarity. 

Principle 4: Highlight the work of those who have been systematically marginalized.

Principle 5: Continue to learn, unlearn, and teach those around you.

Read the full 5 Principles here.

Anti-Oppression Resources in the Library

What is Privilege?

Special Thanks

Special thank you to Danielle Costello, Jessie Whitten, and Michael Holt for their assistance on this libguide.

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