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Open Educational Resources Guide: Adopting an Open Textbook

Why Adopt an Open Course?

Creating OERs and Combining Licenses

Adopting an Open Textbook

To Adopt an Open Textbook


1.)  Click on the Open Textbooks Providers tab and search the different repositories for an Open Textbook. Does the Open Textbook Repository for your open textbook have an authoring platform you can use? e.g. The authoring platform for OpenStax is OpenStax CNX.


2.) Review the open textbook.  Does the textbook match the learning objectives of your course?


3.) Evaluate the textbook using the Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Selection webpage or another open textbook evaluation checklist.


4.) Will you use the open textbook as is, or edit it?

  • What Creative Commons license does the open textbook have?
  • Are you allowed to make changes to the open textbook? If so, you may decide to rearrange the context in the open textbook to fit your class schedule, or you may need to add content to make the open textbook more accurate and/or current.
  • Will you combine open educational resources into your open textbook? If so, you must choose a license that is compatible with the other creative commons licenses.


5.) Are there supplementary resources? If not, does the library have resources that may supplement your open textbook?


6.) Distribute the open textbook to your students using Blazeview. 

  • For students who want a print copy partner with the VSU Bookstore to have print copies available for purchase or save the open textbook in pdf format. Students can then print a copy.


7.) Assessment

  • Did your students have trouble with parts of the open textbook?
  • Are there parts of the open textbook that you found that need changing/revision?


For information on open textbook platforms already in use at VSU click on the Open Textbooks @VSU tab.



If you need assistance in locating an open textbook or OERs, contact Deborah Van Petten at 229-245-3749 or email her at

Textbook Transformation Grants

Affordable Learning Georgia offers Textbook Transformation Grants to University System of Georgia faculty. OERs authored through ALG Textbook Transformation Grants are available for viewing at GALILEO Open Learning Materials Repository.